Fall Line Artist Guild

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Come enjoy our current exhibition:

  • Elaine Burge
    Elaine Burge
  • Jenny Boatright
    Jenny Boatright
  • Logan Acosta
    Logan Acosta
  • Eva Brown
    Eva Brown
  • Tyler Reynolds
    Tyler Reynolds
  • Dana Wiggins Thompson
    Dana Wiggins Thompson
  • Shaun Veal
    Shaun Veal
  • Maryliss Wolfgang
    Maryliss Wolfgang

Hi there!
Welcome to the Fall Line Artist Guild (or FLAG for short)!

We are a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to promoting the visual arts in the Fall Line area of central Georgia,
which stretches all the way from Augusta to Columbus.

Whether you're an artist, a supporter of the arts, or just plain like art, we want you to feel at home here at the Fall Line.


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